Wallace Laker

The Saxon Shore League recently presented Wallace Laker with a “life time achievement” award for his outstanding contribution to junior cricket in Kent over the last 30 years.

This season Wallace will present his award to a junior cricketer or adult selected from a list of candidates (who will be nominated by all SSL clubs) for their contribution to colts cricket on or off the pitch.

Wallace Laker (by Liz Davis)

What can’t l say about Wallace!!… he is and has been a true inspiration to many a young and mature cricketer alike. The number of men, women, boys and and girls that are involved in cricket in the Shepway area due to his special charm are innumerable!

Wallace was born in August 1929 and was brought up in the Elham valley attending Elham CofE primary school (a school he still attends in his cricket coaching capacity). He has many a tale to tell of wartime and the bombings in that area; tales told from the point of view of the young lad that he was then. Tales of the local Young Farmers dances that happened so frequently in the local villages. l love chatting to Wallace he has brought the history of the area to life.

As a young man he worked for the Milk marketing board and then more recently in the insurance business where he continued to reach out and inspire people to play cricket on his travels. Wallace has always had a charm and an ability to chat and seek out cricketers to play and be involved in the game. We are a lucky club to have benefited from his influence.

He features in our club as a very good all round cricketer; as you can imagine has many a tale to tell of the past cricketers and quirky games that have been played over the years!

A while ago he initiated the colts section at our club; a development that he has been integral to over many years and that we are grateful for, even more now as we continue to grow. Indeed, he is definitely very much an inspiration in mine, my boys and many of the youngsters that play at Elham lives.

We celebrated his 80th birthday several years ago at which time he was still leading the Saturday morning warm up!

In his all round development of cricket, he has been coaching district cricket at the Harvey with Nobby for many years and I’m sure many of us are grateful for his input into our children’s development in the wider cricket community.

l expect there also many adults out there grateful for Wallace’s personal support in their own cricketing career.

The Saxon Shore League was founded by the likes of Wallace Laker and his many cricketing colleagues. This has provided a great platform for the development of local junior competitive cricket. Without this league our youngsters would not have such access to this great game. The fun and friends that that they make.

Wallace Laker has indeed created a legacy to be proud of. And this trophy a fitting celebration of what he has given and continues to give.